Design inspires trust. Story inspires identity. I'm interested in both.

I’m Ralston, a long time brand designer who's currently navigating an intentional transition into storytelling. More on that in the About page if you're curious. Otherwise, here are a few of my favorite stories of creative partnerships and meaningful outcomes from my time in brand, UX, and communication design.

Logo Design for Sorcero in Washington, DC
Logo Design for Dr Lisa Galper in Scottsdale, AZ
Logo Design for Be Social Change in NYC
Logo Design for Clothier Connect in Atlanta, GA
Logo Design for Gabbyrags
Logo and Icon Design for Atway
Logo Design for Red One
Brand Reintroduction - Be Social Change
NTSB Portal UX Design
Ola Ostrich (Skillshare)
Inforeliance UX Design Process
YP Intranet UI Design
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