Thanks for agreeing to let me help you earn a little extra! I love my friends, and I want to give generous thanks for your efforts to help me land professional logo design work.
Ok, here’s a simple rundown of how the earning will work...
I’m offering three tiers of logo design service to startups and small businesses looking for a professional graphic designer to help build their brand. The tiers make it easy for clients to decide what they need and see what they’ll get. 
The logo design tiers are:
The Quick Launch: Perfect for a client introducing their new startup to the world.
$1500 — You get $225
The Starter Kit: A more robust option for making stronger, longer lasting impressions.
$2500 — You get $375
The Professional Brand: For when a client’s business is proven and it's time to scale.
$4500 — You get $675
As soon as a client you send me signs up for one of these tiers and pays their required deposit, I’ll send you 15% of the tier’s price. No waiting until the conclusion of the project. They sign, they pay, you earn. That simple!
Just have the interested clients call me directly at 770-361-3318 or email me at "" 
You can also send them to this portfolio site. It’s updated with my best work and has all my contact information. You can also send them to the Process and Pricing page which offers a more detailed description of the tiers and outlines my 6-Step Logo Design Process.
Of course, make sure the client gives your name when I ask them who referred me!
That’s it! If there’s anything I can do to make it even easier for you to earn a little extra with me, just let me know. I’ll also send you an email occasionally to see if you have any questions and share some of my newest and favorite logo design projects. Those messages will come from my "" email account.
Thanks again :^)