Brand Design Process

A good logo inspires trust for your small business or startup and builds valuable recognition fast. You and I will set clear business objectives for your design project and define your brand's unique character. In the end, you'll have a memorable logo that helps your company stand out online and off.
Together, you and I will walk through seven simple steps to design your company's brand identity in seven to ten weeks. Regular check-ins at each step will ensure we're staying on track and creating what your business needs.
Step 1 - Get understanding. 
We start with a deep-dive discovery discussion to get an understanding of what your business is, who it’s for, what it needs and how you want it to be perceived by others through your logo. The conversation will take place in-person if possible, but video chat or phone are OK, too.
Step 2 - Set Direction. 
We’ll synthesize the findings from the previous step in a creative brief. This document outlines the parameters of our project and sets the creative direction of the logo. We’ll then create a mood board, arranging photos and other materials on a digital canvas to determine the feeling or mood your product or service—and thus your logo—should convey.
Step 3 - Generate sketches. 
Next, we get visual. You’ll see up to three pencil-sketched, rough logo concepts. You and I will review and critique each creative direction and choose the right two to develop further given the objective(s) we agreed on in the creative brief.
Step 4 - Refine digitally. 
Here, the two pencil-sketched concepts are digitally refined according to our discussion. We'll review each concept again in black and white, critiquing and choosing one direction to develop further.
Step 5 - Develop colors. 
Nearing the end, our chosen concept will be taken through three color explorations. You and I will critique each together and choose the color palette for your logo that aligns with your brand's character and conveys the right mood. 
Step 6 - Review In-Context. 
Evaluating your new logo is helped by seeing how it may appear in the world when put to use. I'll develop a few real-world mockups to make sure what we’ve created is right for the needs and objective(s) we’ve identified in Step 2.
Step 7 - Transfer files. 
Once you and I have confirmed the new logo meets the needs of your business and the stated objective(s) of our logo design project , you'll get all you need to use the logo online and in print. Files will be transferred to you electronically via your choice of email attachment, Dropbox link or Google Drive link.
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