About Ralston
I design to make hope visible in the world. 
I’ve practiced brand and logo design for more than 15 years in NYC, Providence, Atlanta and now Washington, DC. I’ve worked in disciplines ranging from print advertising to user experience design. I am most at home practicing the crafts of designing brand identities, devising brand strategies and developing names.
I’m an idea guy, for sure. A collaborative design thinker with good creative judgment and end-user intuition. I love thinking of my design clients as friends and partnering with them to bring their visions forward. It’s a joy guiding someone through challenge assessments and ideation processes to create meaningful, impactful, sustainable results against real business objectives.
I love the work of brand design.
Skillshare Member Spotlight
The widely popular online learning community for creatives of all kinds asked if they could interview me for their Member Spotlight series. Shocked and honored, I managed to share a bit of my career backstory and a few brand-building tips. Read the article here on Skillshare's blog. 
Super powers
Brand and Logo Design
Introspection is my platform for brand building. Every logo design project begins with 'why' to create authentic, resonante and trustworthy brand identities. An approach that’s afforded me much success in my 15-year career.
UX and UI Design 
Creating a great product in collaboration with its users is a delightful experience I’ve enjoyed for more than 10 years. It's not my prefered design discipline, but here are a few recent projects I enjoyed working on.
Brand Consulting
Grasping the broader application of brand strategy and design has helped me solve business problems that went well beyond concerns for graphics. I do a lot brand consulting for social enterprises through my brand consultancy, Thinkory
Digital Hand Lettering
Encouraging others via stylized messages is a new experience I enjoy quite a bit. With my trusty Wacom Cintiq, I digitally hand-letter words and phrases and share them on Instagram to shed a bit of God's Love and Light on people's lives.

Work history
I keep my LinkedIn profile up to date. Have a look to see what I've been up to. You'll find key highlights of my professional career and development on my Resume page. Email me if you'd like a copy of my resume and I'll reply with a PDF.

Random facts about me
I’ve owned at least 15 hamsters in my lifetime. I don’t want anymore hamsters.
When we were kids, I once saved my brother’s life—thanks to the Lord and my trusty BMX bike.
I spent my childhood between the South Bronx and Brooklyn, but was born in the same hospital they’d take the US President to in Washington, DC if he/she were ill.
I wear Kangol 504 and 507 caps pretty often. And for no more complicated reason than I like them.
My wife of 18+ years is my BFF. And I have little interest in knowing how corny one thinks that is.
Each person in my household (myself, my wife, our daughter, and our son) was born in a different part of the country. One of us, a different country altogether.
It takes effort for me to design without Apple Music or Spotify streaming music into my ears.
On that last fact, I only listen to hip-hop artists you've likely never heard of. Stephen the Levite, anyone? Maybe some Sho Baraka? How about a little Andy Mineo? 
When it comes to food, "free" is my favorite ingredient. It makes everything delicious.
As a kid, for a long while, I wanted to be an engineer. Until I got old enough to realize I didn’t know what the heck I was talking about.
I think people who feel design and its processes are optional are what’s wrong with the world. I’m kidding. Sort of.
Sometimes, the mandate to "think outside the box" is ridiculous to me. It often implies that one didn't understand the size of their box to begin with. Good design is born out of clear constraints. 
I believe God is the world's original designer. First sentence in the Bible? "In the beginning God created..."