About my journey

I want to tell stories that make hope visible in the world. 
I’ve designed professionally for more than 20 years in NYC, Providence, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. I’ve practiced disciplines ranging from print advertising to user experience design to internal communications. I've worked in settings ranging from a boutique ad agency to a multinational conglomerate to a mission-driven consumer bank. No matter the context, I was always most at home with the practices of developing brand strategies and designing visual identities – especially for social enterprises. I felt a sense of fulfillment helping impact-focused founders build purposeful consumer brands that could change real lives. 
Now, all that is changing.
I've embarked on a journey to master storytelling. It's a space of skillful creation to which I've always felt drawn, but into which I've hardly felt confident enough to enter. 
Stories have the power to reroute lives. I've found life-giving clarity in stories of real and fictional characters alike. I've enjoyed respite and escape through worlds that helped me find needed perspective. But these experiences fostered a reverence that kept me in the spectators seat – admiring the masterful work of others, never seriously considering I could join them. 
That is until a particularly turbulent year led me reevaluate my goals and work. Introspection gave me perspective on what was essential to my purpose and helped me uncover a truth. I no longer wanted to just consume transformative story experiences, I wanted to help create them.
So, in early 2020, I began to allow myself to explore forms of storytelling – writing, directing, and even journalism – as practices I could tour. I approached them as fields of creativity, communication, and humanity in which I could forge myself a home. 
For now, I reside in some temporary dwelling between two worlds of work, design and storytelling. I'm patiently discerning with God's help what's important to take with me and what's best to leave behind as I venture forward. 
Hope you'll join me.
Essential functions
Bringing audience, message, and messenger into balance to write and edit compelling stories that effectively convey big ideas and inspire needed action.
Designing frameworks and facilitating experiences that help people get breakthrough perspectives, share moving narratives of their work, or discover opportunities to make the greatest impact.
Providing fresh eyes and objective expertise to help leaders and peers clearly define and sustainably align efforts with meaningful goals.
Aggregate skills
Story Strategist
Discover and leverage opportunities to measurably elevate communication experiences so that people are well informed and genuinely inspired to do their best work.
Innovate new communication vehicles to help exit silos, deliver engagement, and move teams to work in unison toward clear, common, and human-centered goals.
Listen actively and constantly to ensure the right stories are told to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.
Brand Designer
Walk with leaders through introspective explorations to develop brand strategies that foster confidence of purpose, illuminate their brand, and draw in the right customers.
Collaboratively design brand identities that fuel recognition, build reputation, and help win the trust of new customers by emotionally connecting with them in crowded marketplaces.
Develop meaningful brand and product names that help accelerate market acceptance and motivate word of mouth transmission. 
UX Designer
Creating great, empathetic products in collaboration with others is something I enjoyed for more than 10 years. It's not my prefered design discipline, but here are a few projects I enjoyed working on.
Work history

Explore my work history on the Resume page, or download a PDF version.  
Contact me if you'd like to discuss my experiences. I'm always up for a chat.
I also keep my LinkedIn profile up to date so anyone can see what I've been up to.
For fun
Major Goals, Strategies, and Tactics
A great boxing movie helped me understand the difference between strategies and tactics like nothing had before. The clarity led me to create a framework which I explain in a LinkedIn article. I turned that framework into a Mural-based thought exercise which has actually helped senior leaders in Capital One’s design organization rethink how they work toward the company’s mission to “change banking for good.”
Skillshare Member Spotlight
The online learning community for creatives asked if they could interview me for their Member Spotlight series. Shocked and honored, I managed to share a bit of my career backstory and a few brand-building tips. Read the article here on Skillshare's blog.
Digital Hand Lettering
For a time, I enjoyed encouraging others via stylized messages. Some I created with paper and ink. Others with a Wacom Cintiq or Apple Pencil and Procreate. They are hand-lettered words and phrases on Instagram that I hope still cast a bit of God's love and light into people's lives.
Random facts about me

I’ve pet parented at least 15 hamsters in my lifetime. I adore them, but I don’t want anymore hamsters.
When we were kids, I probably saved my brother’s life – thanks to the Lord and my trusty BMX bike.
I spent my childhood between the South Bronx and Brooklyn, but was born in the same hospital they’d take the US President to in Washington, DC if they were ill.
My wife is my BFF. And I have little interest in knowing how corny one thinks that is.
Each person in my home (myself, my wife, our daughter, and our son) was born in a different part of the country. One of us, a different country altogether.
It takes effort for me to write or design without music. 
I listen to hip-hop artists you've likely never heard of. Lyrical theology with Stephen the Levite, anyone? Maybe some culture commentary with Sho Baraka? How about Andy Mineo’s latest friely release? 
When it comes to food, "free" is my favorite ingredient. It makes everything delicious.
As a kid, for a long while, I wanted to be an engineer. Until I got old enough to realize I didn’t know what the heck I was talking about.
I think the mandate to "think outside the box" often implies a failure to understand a container’s dimensions at the start. Good design and innovation are born out of clear constraints.
I think creativity is really important to God. Opening sentence in the Bible? "In the beginning God created..." First person said to be filled with the Spirit of God? Bezalel, an artist and designer.