Let's elevate employee
engagement experiences.

I'm a Story Strategist – a breed of internal communications manager I invented at Capital One. I provide excellent thought partnership to senior leaders to shape employee engagement strategies and design connective experiences for diverse teams. 

Each week, I consult people managers, directors, and VPs to leverage the resonant, educational, and persuasive attributes of storytelling to more effectively communicate ideas, unify teams, and achieve buy-in for desired action.

My consultative guidance and hands-on collaboration measurably elevates communication experiences. I thrive in the early stages of creative development when a team’s ideas are nebulous and their vision is out of focus. I deeply enjoy bringing clarity to teams in these stages by challenging conventional thinking, identifying root opportunities, and articulating major goals. Together, we co-author strategies to impact what matters most using the tools of impactful storytelling and good design. 

In short, I’m humbled to be the one who leaders call on to help them tell the right story, to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.
Storyteller, Story Strategy and Communication Design
Thinkory     4/19 – Today     Washington, DC
The essential intent of my role is to help tell the right stories to the right people at the right time and in the right way. I consult senior leaders to elevate the way they think of stories and the opportunities to tell them. It is also my responsibility to help our ~200 designers communicate ideas and accomplishments in ways that move audiences to desirable action.
Co-founder, Brand Strategy and Brand Design
Thinkory     4/11 – Today     Washington, DC
Co-founded a social enterprise brand design consultancy with the mission to craft and cultivate challenger brands of social good that elevate consumer preference and transform real lives. Currently playing advisory role.

Strategist, Brand and UX Design
InfoReliance     9/15 – 12/16     Washington, DC     On-site and remote
Collaborated with creative director, UX designers, and developers to define company UX design process and present to C-level stakeholders. Lead the effort at NTSB to present a new strategy for the redesign of the agency’s portal.

Designer, Brand and User Experience
Instawares, RedOne, and Red Tree Labs     5/13 – 3/15     Atlanta, GA     Remote
Held various contracts involving advocating for rich user experiences, collaborating to design the experience for a Home Depot mobile e-commerce experience, redesigning brand identities, and writing market-ready webpage copy.

Manager, Internal Culture, Communications, and Intranet Design
AT&T and YP.com     10/05 – 6/12     Atlanta, GA     On-site and remote
Partnered with senior directors and executives to form internal communications strategies as well as refine the user experience and visual design of the InterConnections intranet – key to the successful Day One internal launch of YP. 

View additional experiences and greater detail on my LinkedIn profile.
Creative Volunteerism
Advisor, Creative Advisors Community
Adobe     7/18 – Today
With upwards of 240 discussion, survey, and interview contributions to date, I help influence decisions about the future of Adobe and its products. I enjoy exchanging perspectives with other community members, playing an integral part in helping Adobe create better products for its customers.
Ambassador, Brand Design
The Good Story     5/15 – 11/20
I equipped cross cultural missionaries with visually excellent communication tools to aid in the effective and compelling telling of their story. Learn more about non-profit The Good Story at thegoodstory.co.
Volunteer, Graphic Design
National Community Church     1/16 – 12/19
Helped enhance the experience of several community initiatives contributing strategy, identity design, print design, and web design skills.
American Graphic Design Awards - Identity Design
Repeat Graphic Design Award Winner - 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2021
Featured in Graphic Design USA magazine's annual design issue for brand identity design work.
Gibbs College     2001
Visual Communications and Design
Continuous Learning
Favorite Courses:
Ron Howard Teaches Directing - Ron Howard
Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing - Malcolm Gladwell
Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism - Bob Woodward

Favorite Courses:
Storytelling 101: Character, Conflict, Context & Craft - Daniel José Older
Writing Dialogue: Mastering Conflict, Actions and Subtext - Joshua Dickinson
Strategic Design: The Art and Science of Branding - LIPPINCOTT

Favorite Courses:
Bold & Fearless Design - James Victore
Design Thinking: A Crash Course - Matthew Jervis
Simple Methods for Custom Lettering - Brandon Rike

Favorite Courses:
Troika's ABC Brand Campaign: Start to Finish - Troika Design Group
Creative Inspirations: Hot Studio, Experience Design - Maria Giudice
Creative Inspirations: Doyald Young, Logotype Designer - Doyald Young

Favorite Books:
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - Greg Mckeown
Master of One: Find and Focus on the Work You Were Created to Do - Jordan Raynor
Scramble: How agile strategy can build epic brands in record time - Marty Neumeier

Favorite Podcasts:
BibleProject Podcast: In-depth conversations about the Bible and theology - BibleProject
Known: Stories to make sense of it all - Dick Foth
The Meaning Movement: Helping you find your calling, create your life's work, and make career change - Dan Cumberland
Key Soft Skills
Key Technical Skills
Employee Engagement
Thought Partnership
Brand Strategy & Design