On Sunday, August 14, 2016, one of my favorite DJs, a major contributor to the refinement of Christ-centered Hip Hop music, died. To his fans he was DJ Official. To his family, Nelson Chu. To his friends, Fish.

To me, DJ Official was one of the first few artists who inspired me to clean my collection of hip hop music and illuminate a section of my heart that I kept hidden from God.

He did that with “ENTERMISSION,” an all-star album that widened my eyes to the discovery of quality beats and skilled artists I didn’t think existed. One lyric-laced track after another, DJ Official showed me how this faith-fueled sub genre of hip-hop was redeeming a culture for Christ. “Chisel Me” brought me to a deeper posture of surrender. “Get Busy” motivated me to keep laboring for The Lord. “Not My Own” gave me perspective and a functional, missional-minded understanding of Scripture.

DJ Official showed me that hip hop music mindfully made by Christians can be, in the truest sense, good. I thank him for that revelation.

He leaves a family in this world—Teresa and their two daughters (11 and 6). Buy ENTERMISSION; 100% of the proceeds will go to Teresa and the girls. Me, soon as I can, I’m buying the vinyl.

Album: https://reach.merchline.com/collections/music/products/dj-official-entermission
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