The Kingdom of God International Ministry, or KOG for short, is a small evangelistic church in Atlanta, Georgia.
KOG's antiquated website suffered a lack of visual confidence and marginally served the needs of the organization. With new goals for growth and community impact, however, leadership decided it was time to bring the design and function of the ministry's website up to speed.
Drastically tone down the overuse of visual stimuli. Redesign the UI to better reflect the character of the church. Use analytic data to understand what users seek most and ease accessibility to those points of interest in the new design.

Preexisting design
The existing design of the KOG site offered little to connect users with the ministry or the experience of worshiping with this family of faithful believers. With an overuse of font styles, colors and effects, it sort of just hurled information at the visitor in hopes that something would stick. And, all to often, nothing did. 
The redesign
In the new visual design, I made it my mission to simplify the experience, reset the tone and offer a wealth of desirable and scannable content. Previously buried information was raised to the surface of the home page making it easier for users to engage with desired content quickly. Interior pages offered a more thoughtful structure and consistently restrained design aesthetic.
A clean, modern site design that accentuates the culture and provides a window to the experiences visitors can look forward to. Working closely with web development firm, Red One, the design proposed a more intuitive navigation structure, easier access to sought-after content, a hero banner highlighting key features and messaging, and an easily maintained means of browsing future events at a glance. On Sundays, the site makes service video available to watch by altering the site’s header. In all, it was a major improvement over the former visual design.
Project stats

Length of project:
2 months
Skills used:
Research, Content writing, Content strategy, Graphic design, Visual design
Tools used:
PhotoShop, Illustrator, Lightstock
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